Happy Birthday!

My day began with my son bouncing through the house, giddy that it is his 10th birthday. It is also the fourth birthday of my business, now known as Comm & Sense, LLC. Two good reasons to bake a chocolate cake, which I did! As both a mother and entrepreneur, I have been reflecting today on the past decade and most recent four years. I’ve also been remembering graduating into the previous Great Recession over 25 years ago and “freelancing” then by default because “real jobs” were scarce.

Well, this time the foray into working as an independent writer and PR consultant was purposeful, if ill-timed. Nevertheless, my youngest child had begun kindergarten. It was time to fertilize the seed of a business plan to go for that elusive work-life balance. Take existing skills and experience to the marketplace and get busy learning social media. Here’s a big thank you to my clients and all who have lent encouragement along the way.

They say write what you know, but it has turned out that sometimes I was writing just ahead of or in tandem with very real personal experiences. Who knew that as I wrote about the amazing biomedical research going on at UNC in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia and autism, I’d be living so close to those issues personally? I find hope every day knowing that the commitment to finding causes, answers and treatment is huge. So, it just makes sense to keep writing about what comes next to find out where the journey takes us. If you’d like to join me and support two timely endeavors, here’s how:

Autism Society of North Carolina – Triangle Run/Walk for Autism, October 13, 2012


Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Cornucopia House Cancer Support Center (for all touched by all types of cancer)

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