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Makeover In Living Color

It is the first day of spring and snow is falling. In North Carolina. Dear friends and colleagues in the Northeast are digging out, for the fourth time in a month. I feel the urge to put little scarves on … Continue reading

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When the writer becomes the subject

I am returning to professional pursuits after a year off doing the kind of scientific research none of us ever wants to do: undergoing cancer treatment. It is a unique experience to travel the same halls of a National Cancer … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Harness Creative Ideas

Ever have that brilliant idea after the conversation or meeting was over? How many great ideas do you get while showering or brushing your teeth? Mine seem to flow the minute I pull out of the driveway. Something about driving … Continue reading

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Baby, we need some cold inside!

It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s colder outside today than inside my refrigerator. Since I live below the Mason-Dixon Line, as the saying goes, “Houston, we have a problem.” I have just triaged and salvaged what food I can to … Continue reading

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Run Your Own Race

Who does not love an underdog? It’s the quintessential American success story. Rags to riches, the outsider besting the ones with the breeding, background and connections … We saw all of that play out Saturday in the 140th running of … Continue reading

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2 Ways to Eliminate Unwanted Snail Mail

I am on a clearing spree, determined to eradicate my desk, my house — my life –of so much paper. Unfortunately, I keep getting side-tracked from that task by working on managing and clearing the cyber clutter in my life, … Continue reading

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The Right Time for 3 New Year’s Resolutions

For some of us, January 1, isn’t the ideal time to go into New Year mode by starting new endeavors or making resolutions. Projects carry over, like one of mine did this year, and deadlines January 31. Only after that … Continue reading

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Personal Best

Today began on a celebratory note. My 10½-year-old son rode his new bike to the bus stop. Without training wheels. This is a milestone event in every child (and parent’s) life, worthy of hugs, high-fives and emailed snapshots. When your … Continue reading

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New Apps for Old Skills

There’s nothing quite so pathetic as a blog started with enthusiasm and then left to go dormant after only a few postings. Guilty as charged, but this time I have a valid excuse for my absence to take to the … Continue reading

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Good Health With Communication

Today is the Feast Day of St. Luke, patron saint of physicians, painters and some others. Considering my many interactions with health care personally and professionally, it seems fitting to reflect on how communication and common sense are often so … Continue reading

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